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Congratulations to the 2023-24 Spring Circle of Greatness Special Honorees

circle of greatness spring

Auxiliary Employee Honoree: Jerry Filipek, Bus Driver

Mr. Filipek's nominator said:
"Our daughter is in kindergarten at Coder. She rides bus 22 with Mr. Jerry. From day one, he was kind, welcoming, and made her feel important. He always has a smile on his face and truly looks like he enjoys his job. My daughter thinks his name is Cherry and everyday she tells me stories about him. She draws him pictures and she constantly wants to bring him things from our house. She stopped riding the bus for  a couple months and when she started riding again, Jerry wasn’t driving. She was so sad and she asked me every single day if he was coming back. I finally emailed the bus barn to ask if he was ok and if he would be returning because mu daughter missed seeing him. When he finally came back, the first thing he said to her was her name!! We’ve been missing you. I’m so glad you’re back! He really makes the bus riding experience enjoyable. We are so thankful that he looks out for her and he always makes sure the kids on the bus are behaving. We are devastated to be rezoned to McCall next year and possibly miss out on “Mr. Cherry” as our bus driver. Praying he is still able to be our bus driver because he’s a true angel in my daughter’s eyes!"

Professional Staff Honoree: Julie Johnson, McCall Elementary

Mrs. Johnson's nominators said:
"Julie Johnson is the teacher every parents DREAMS their child will have. She is Patient, Kind, Organized, Experienced, Thoughtful and Dedicated. She goes out of her way to make sure her students feel special! Julie not only spends her weekdays with her students, but she comes to the kids weekend games and performances decked out in the color of their team! Even LIME GREEN! She is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher. I cannot be more grateful for the time and dedication she has for her students. My son struggles with reading and, because of her dedication to his success, he is thriving under her supervision. I know Aledo is blessed with some of the best, and Julie is certainly that! Thank you for all the love and attention you pour into your second grade students! We are all lucky to have you in our lives."

"Julie has really extended my daughter's love for learning. My daughter comes home full of excitement to tell me all the things she did in class and how fun Mrs. Johnson is! She's always happy to answer my questions and keeps me up to date with my daughter's progress. My daughter loves her and that alone is a great feeling for a parent."

Paraprofessional Honoree: Anthony Lopez, McCall Elementary

Mr. Lopez's nominators said:
"Anthony brings a sense of calm and humor to every situation to which he is called. He is skilled at what he does and I have not only enjoyed working with him, I have learned a lot from him as well!"

"Mr. Lopez exemplifies the spirit of Growing Greatness in several ways, making him a deserving candidate for the Circle of Greatness Award. His genuineness and humility are evident in his selfless service, as he never seeks reward or recognition. Instead, he goes above and beyond for the right reasons, driven by a sincere commitment to the well-being and education of students.

Mr. Lopez's belief in the fundamental right of all students to fair treatment and an appropriate education underscores his dedication to inclusivity and equality. His extensive knowledge of various approaches and strategies, particularly in handling behavior-related challenges, showcases a commitment to providing the best possible support for students with diverse needs.

A standout quality is Mr. Lopez's ability to offer an outsider's perspective and alternative solutions to challenges. This demonstrates his open-mindedness and creative problem-solving skills, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement within Aledo ISD.

His hands-on approach and leadership by example contribute to building strong rapport with both teachers and students. By actively engaging with the community, Mr. Lopez fosters a positive environment that encourages collaboration and growth. He motivates students to think positive and courageously and gives them the tools that empowers them to become successful and independent in their actions all in a nurturing fashion that is welcomed by the students yet holds them accountable when needed. His willingness to embrace change reflects adaptability, a crucial attribute in promoting progress within any educational institution.

In summary, Mr. Lopez's unwavering commitment to students at AHS PRIDE, his extensive knowledge and creative problem-solving, hands-on leadership, and adaptability make him a true embodiment of Growing Greatness. Recognizing his contributions with the Circle of Greatness Award would not only honor his individual efforts but also inspire others to follow his example in fostering a culture of excellence within Aledo ISD."

"Mr. Lopez is a Behavior Interventionist Aide in our district that is truly passionate about helping our behavior students and programs have success. He has an abundance of experience and knowledge in this field and has played a huge role in starting the Pride Programs at McAnally and Aledo High School. Mr. Lopez is always eager to help and support administrators, teachers, and students across the district when needed. He has been a huge advocate for our struggling students to get the support they desperately want and need. He is a great role model for demonstrating team work, leadership skills, and building healthy relationships with students and staff. We are lucky to have him in our district!"

Guest Teacher Honoree: Bianca Martinez, Walsh Elementary

Mrs. Martinez's nominator had to say:
"Bianca has been a pure example of joy, support, and flexibility. She voluntarily jumps into roles when she sees immediate needs, which are many times some of our most difficult to fill roles, which she continuously works to form incredible relationships with our students, teachers, and families. She is a fabulous addition to our campus, she supports many of our bilingual families with many of the challenging school processes. She did this most recently for the district serving at our Kinder Signing Day. She is truly a joy and embodies the type of substitutes we would all love to have serving our students and schools."