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May 2024 Bearcats of Character Recognized

May 20, 2024

The Aledo ISD Board of Trustees recognized this latest group of students named Bearcats of Character for the 2023-2024 school year on Monday night for the character trait enthusiasm. As a part of the district's character education program, called the Positivity Project or P2, the district each month recognizes the good character on display by the great students across all of Aledo ISD.

P2 says that individuals who demonstrate the character strength of ENTHUSIASM bring an energy and level of intensity to individual and group work and are often identifiable as early leaders and innovators as a result of their outward excitement about a task or project. People with enthusiasm are happy, but this strength is also correlated with self-realization and autonomy. Enthusiasm is a strength that has strong connotations with both physical and mental vitality and well-being.

Congratulations to the following students, Aledo ISD's May 2024 Bearcats of Character!

Emily Rodgers  Alex Figueroa Gregorio  Nayeli Baca  Brooks Turner  Elijah Rush

Aledo High School: Emily Rodgers, 12th grade
Emily shows enthusiasm for our school through her involvement in her activities and her infectious school spirit! She is such an awesome friend to everybody, is always on top of her work and volunteers for anything that comes up to help the school. She also bakes cookies for her friends and teachers to show her appreciation, she is just too awesome!

Aledo Learning Center: Alex Figueroa Gregorio, 10th grade
Alex comes into school with a smile, tries to learn as much as he can, and works hard every day to reach his goals. He displays enthusiasm in both practice and character. Alex became a Bearcat in his 8th grade year, speaking only Spanish. In his 3 years as a Bearcat, Alex has displayed enthusiasm in his approach to every learning experience and task by diving right in to the material despite a language barrier. His enthusiastic persistence in developing his second language paired with his academic drive to succeed and learn is a testament to his grit and intelligence and a credit to his success thus far. He triumphs daily with a smile and good humor, demonstrating a contagious attitude of enthusiasm, inspiring not only his peers but his teachers as well.

Daniel Ninth Grade: Nayeli Baca, 9th grade
Nayeli is an exemplary DNG student who strives to excel in all areas. What stands out most about Nayeli is her contagious smile, positive attitude, and the encouraging words she shares with others. She exemplifies the character strength of enthusiasm! Not only does she carry her enthusiasm in her personality, she is also enthusiastic about academics. She excels in her classes and is a joyful student towards her teachers and peers.

Aledo Middle School: Brooks Turner, 7th grade
Brooks Turner’s enthusiasm at Aledo Middle School shines through in his eagerness to participate in class discussions, often raising his hand with enthusiasm to share his thoughts and ideas. He exudes excitement when working on group projects, motivating his peers with his energy and positivity. His passion for learning and engaging with his school community makes him a standout student at Aledo Middle School.

McAnally Middle School: Elijah Rush, 6th grade
Elijah was nominated because of his remarkable improvement on his clarinet throughout the year. Eli is genuinely interested and excited about music and composition. He recently shared his latest composition entitled "Song of a Flute." The Aledo Band Program is very excited to have Eli as a member!

Elise Scherer  Emily Eargle  Alston Clark  Luke Huxel  Lucy Lundgren  Reagan Cox

Annetta Elementary School: Elise Scherer, 3rd grade
Elise came in as a new student in January and hit the ground running! She approaches every situation with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. Elise is excited to learn new things and loves to support others! Elise embodies our school motto every day and does it with a smile!

Coder Elementary School: Emily Eargle, 4th grade
Emily enters school each day with a radiant smile and an unwavering enthusiasm for learning! Her positive attitude creates a learning environment where everyone feels encouraged to do their best. I couldn't be prouder of the remarkable influence Emily has on both our classroom and school as a whole.

McCall Elementary School: Alston Clark, Kindergarten
Alston shines with his remarkable enthusiasm, injecting life and excitement into various situations. Despite any challenges he faces, his infectious energy creates a vibrant atmosphere in classrooms, social settings, and interactions with peers and educators alike!

Stuard Elementary School: Luke Huxel, 5th grade
If you ever see this student in the hall, chances are he is smiling, giving a hug to an ex-teacher, or saying hi to a younger student. He is always willing to help and is happy to do it-for any student. He cheers others on and is genuinely happy for his friends and peers. Enthusiasm can also mean to-do with energy, which he has a lot of! But he uses in a positive way. Give me an L-U-K-E! What's that spell? LUKE for enthusiasm!

Vandagriff Elementary School: Lucy Lundgren, 2nd Grade
Lucy is the definition of pure joy and enthusiasm daily! She arrives with a giant smile and is ready tackle each day! She is excited to learn, whether it be listening and interacting with a book, singing along to a number rock song, or acting out a scene from her guided reading book! She is full of questions and pushes our entire class to think deeper! She is always willing to help her classmates out and loves to cheer and perform on the playground by rallying her team together to “step on stage” She is an excellent leader and her enthusiasm and love for learning and people is contagious…I know she will continue to shine a light on everyone around her and motivate each person she interacts with to be a better version of themselves! She truly is the definition of JOY and ENTHUSIASM!

Walsh Elementary School: Reagan Cox, 4th Grade
Reagan is an amazing example of enthusiasm in our school. She arrives at school every morning with a bright and lovely smile on her face, ready and excited to learn and be a part of our school community. Reagan has pure enthusiasm and joy for even the smallest things in life. From her beautiful singing in the hallway to her saying "hi" and chatting with everyone she passes, Reagan’s enthusiasm for life is such a light to all those who encounter her. We love Reagan’s happy, enthusiastic, and joyful personality and she is such a blessing to our classroom and school!