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April 2024 Bearcats of Character Recognized

April 2024 Bearcats of Character Recognized

April 15, 2024

The Aledo ISD Board of Trustees recognized this latest group of students named Bearcats of Character for the 2023-2024 school year on Monday night for the character trait fairness. As a part of the district's character education program, called the Positivity Project or P2, the district each month recognizes the good character on display by the great students across all of Aledo ISD.

P2 says that the character strength of FAIRNESS describes individuals, cultivating the character strength of fairness is correlated with highly desirable developmental outcomes. It helps people to become trustworthy friends, responsible citizens, and generally moral people.

Congratulations to the following students, Aledo ISD's April 2024 Bearcats of Character!

Matthew Brown  Preston Wymore  Liberty Pelfrey  Blakely Spain  Maddison Bullion

Aledo High School: Matthew Brown, 12th grade
Matthew has always shown fairness, as he is inclusive of others and makes sure everyone is treated well. He demonstrates the character trait of fairness by being impartial in his decision-making.

Aledo Learning Center: Preston Wymore, 11th grade
Preston is always polite and respectful to everyone. He works hard at his subjects and does not try to take the easy way out, even if the opportunity is there. He is never greedy and does not try to take more than his fair share.

Daniel Ninth Grade: Liberty Pelfrey 9th grade
Liberty gives everyone around her a fair chance! When working in groups or helping out around campus, she uses fairness to get lots of students involved. She doesn't just ask or include the same people each time, she looks for ways to include others in a fair way. Liberty branches out to all of her peers in super kind and supportive ways.

Aledo Middle School: Blakely Spain, 8th grade
Blakely has been involved in both cheer and dance this year at AMS, and she has dedicated herself to being fair to EACH team by coming prepared to each class and rehearsal. Both dance and cheer depend on a strong team dynamic, and Blakely is so good with putting in 200%. She is the best teammate due to her dedication, kindness and positive energy.

McAnally Middle School: Maddison Bullion, 8th grade
As an editor for the yearbook, Maddison does an excellent job of being fair and in dealing with her peers she promotes equality and avoids favoritism. This creates a positive and inclusive environment for our classroom environment. She makes decisions without playing favorites and doesn't take advantage of others. Thank you Maddison for being a great leader and example at MMS!

Pablo Garcia  Wyatt Palmer  Kellan Hill  Nayeli Cortes  John Luke Rudd  Declan Daines

Annetta Elementary School: Pablo Garcia, 2nd grade
Pablo has a heart as big as his smile and is all about being fair at school. When working in groups, he makes sure everyone gets a turn to speak and really listens to what his classmates have to say before sharing his own thoughts. And when there's a problem on the playground, Pablo is quick to jump in and help find a solution that works for everyone. His friends see him as a shining example of fairness, knowing that Pablo will always make sure things are fair for everyone.

Coder Elementary School: Wyatt Palmer, 3rd grade
Wyatt always strives to uphold fairness in every situation, regardless if it's during recess or in class. He ensures that everyone has a chance to participate, contributing to an environment of inclusivity within our classroom. Wyatt believes in playing by the rules and being kind to others, which makes everyone feel included and happy!

McCall Elementary School: Kellan Hill, 2nd grade
One of Kellan's remarkable traits is his ability to listen attentively to his classmates' opinions and perspectives. He patiently waits for his turn to speak, never interrupting or dominating conversations. When conflicts arise among his peers, Kellan is quick to step in as a mediator, offering solutions that consider everyone's feelings and viewpoints.

Stuard Elementary School: Nayeli Cortes, 3rd grade
Nayeli is such a light within the classroom. She is excited and ready to learn every day when she walks through the classroom door. Nayeli is always inviting friends to play with her and helping friends in the classroom. She brightens everyone's day at school with her positive attitude towards all things school-related. Nayeli never lets students feel excluded and loves to encourage her friends and help them reach the high expectations within the classroom. Nayeli's smile and happiness makes everyone feel loved, and I hope that she will keep shining in everything that she encounters.

Vandagriff: John-Luke Rudd, 2nd grade
John Luke is an amazing student that exemplifies fairness is in his school work as well as his relationships. He can always be counted on to do his best work and help a friend in need. He is kind to all his classmates and treats everyone with the same level of fairness. He is an awesome leader and always plays fair whether it be football at recess or a leaderboard in IXL!

Walsh Elementary School: Declan Daines, 1st grade
Declan embodies fairness in all that he does. Whether it's sharing manipulatives so that everyone can be a part of a fun activity, ensuring everyone's voice is heard in class discussions, or resolving conflicts with empathy and diplomacy, Declan sets a remarkable example for his peers. His kindness and generosity create a welcoming environment where everyone feels included and respected. Declan's actions remind us all of the importance of treating others with equality and fairness, fostering a sense of unity and harmony within our school community.