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December 2023 Bearcats of Character Recognized

December 19, 2023

The Aledo ISD Board of Trustees recognized the third group of students named Bearcats of Character for the 2023-2024 school year on Monday night for the character trait gratitude.

As a part of the district's character education program, called the Positivity Project or P2, the district each month recognizes the good character on display by the great students across all of Aledo ISD.

P2 says that someone displaying the character strength of GRATITUDE knows the quality of feeling and expressing thankfulness and appreciation. People with the strength of gratitude have a readiness to show appreciation for kindness and also to return kindness. A leading expert,Dr. Robert Emmons - a Psychology Professor and pioneer researcher on the benefits of gratitude - calls it a “relationship-strengthening emotion because it requires us to see how we’ve been supported and affirmed by other people.”

Congratulations to the following students, Aledo ISD's December 2023 Bearcats of Character.

Alona Lerman  Clara Albin  Ra'Miah Johnson  Carter Fojt

Aledo High School: Alona Lerman, 11th grade
Alona Lerman is new to Aledo High School this year. She has been a ray of sunshine and the picture of gratitude since we first had the pleasure of meeting her at course conferencing. One of her peers says “Alona is always so thankful and constantly reminds me and my classmates that we are loved!” She intentionally seeks out opportunities to show students and staff her gratitude. Alona embodies the spirit of Aledo and growing greatness!

Aledo Learning Center: Kinsley Bogle, 12th grade (not pictured)
Kinsley has worked very hard to overcome barriers that might have kept her from graduating. She shows up every day with a smile, ready to work, grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow toward her future. She demonstrates her gratitude in the way she appreciates teachers and staff for their time and efforts and in her general attitude on campus.

Daniel Ninth Grade: Clara Albin, 9th grade
Clara exhibits gratitude through her great attitude and the ability to turn any situation into one she is grateful for. No matter how things go, she is always positive, and if things are bad, she makes us laugh. Clara knows how to shift her mindset when things are hard to gratitude rather than negativity.

Aledo Middle School: Ra’Miah Johnson, 6th grade
Ra'Miah is always so grateful and appreciative when it comes to any help she receives. She is very aware and takes time to thank me whenever she can. She is a great role model of gratitude for her classmates.

McAnally Middle School: Carter Fojt, 6th grade
Carter was nominated by his reading language arts teacher, Ms. Douglas. She said that Carter is ALWAYS thanking her and his other teachers. He shows gratitude daily and it is usually paired with a handshake. He does not leave any interaction without a thank you. She appreciates his gratitude and says it makes her job so much fun! Congratulations, Carter!

Violet Previte  Addison Basham  Camilla McCormick  Layla Irwin  Kingsley Moore  Oliver Grim

Annetta Elementary School: Violet Previte, 4th grade
Violet's teacher shares, "Violet is wonderful example of what it means to be grateful. She intentionally looks for the good in all situations and always, even sometimes unknowingly, shares that positivity with others. She always has a smile on her face, and you can't help but smile when you are with her! Violet finds value in friendships and recognizes them as a blessing. She takes the time to offer words of encouragement to others and show them that she is thankful for them."

Coder Elementary School: Addison Basham, 4th grade
Addison stands out as a student who exemplifies gratitude and thankfulness in everything she does. She seeks to genuinely express her thankfulness to her teachers and peers, whether it is with kind words, a thoughtful act, or a sweet note. Addison has such a positive outlook and spreads joy to all around her. Ms. Patton, 4th Grade Teacher

McCall Elementary School: Camilla McCormick, 2nd grade
Second grade teacher, Mrs. Hetherington, has this to say about Camilla: Camilla is new to McCall this year and throughout the year, she has demonstrated gratitude in multiple ways. She is genuinely grateful for not only tangible things she receives but grateful for her friends and it seems like almost daily she tells me "thank you" for what she is learning. Camilla is a hard worker and has grown so much since the beginning of the year. She has made some precious friendships with the students here at McCall and she tells them often that she is thankful for them- appreciates them playing with her, helping her, and including her. She definitely is a great candidate for this character trait!

Stuard Elementary School: Layla Irwin, 5th grade
Layla is full of gratitude, which is shown through her kind heart and thankful nature. She is appreciative of all that she has. - Mrs. Upp 5th grade teacher
Layla is always looking for the positive side of things. She is kind, understanding, and has a grateful heart. We are so lucky to have Layla at our school, and we know she will do big things one day with her attitude of gratitude!  Mrs. Adair, School counselor

Vandagriff Elementary School: Kingsley Moore, 5th Grade
Kingsley is truly one of a kind. She works hard in everything that she does. She is one of those students whose positive attitude and kind heart impacts those around her every day. She appreciates others and is shows how thankful she is for her peers and teachers through her actions. - Mrs. Flores
Kingsley exemplifies gratitude daily. She always has such a positive attitude and makes others around her feel appreciated (whether that be by telling them or by showing them through small acts of kindness). She encourages her teammates during group work and is always trying to lift others up.- Mrs. Hutson
Mrs Keating says Kingsley is always ready to show appreciation for and to return kindness to her friends and classmates. She is genuinely thankful whether the gift is big or small.

Walsh Elementary School: Oliver Grim, 3rd Grade
From Oliver's 3rd grade homeroom teacher, Mrs. Beville: Oliver is always appreciative of things he receives, but more than that, he is always extremely gracious for the help he receives. When Oliver receives help from others, he will always thank them for their help. When receiving a compliment, Oliver will be sure to thank you for noticing. Oliver is kind, helpful, and so very grateful for the friendships he makes, and the learning experiences he receives. We are so lucky (and thankful) to have Oliver in our class.