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22-23 Overall Circle of Greatness winners surprised

August 14, 2023

22-23 overall circle of greatness winnersAledo ISD recently honored four well-deserving employees as Circle of Greatness winners for the 2022-2023 school year.

Congratulations to:

  • Professional category: Callie Caldwell, Stuard Elementary teacher
  • Paraprofessional category: Linda Hudson, administrative assistant to police and technology
  • Auxiliary category: Kema Hinson, AISD Child Development Center teacher
  • Campus Guest Teacher/Substitute category: Nissa Flores, Aledo High School

Employees nominated for Circle of Greatness embody what it means to be #growinggreatness in the district, positively impacting our community, students and school district. The district accepts nominations for Circle of Greatness throughout the school year from parents, students, fellow employees and community members, and there are no limitations to the number of nominations each month.

The top nominee from each category is recognized as a Circle of Greatness Special Honoree three times per year, then all of the Special Honorees are candidates for the overall Circle of Greatness winner. Winners are announced in August and awarded a new Apple iPad thanks to the district's Bearcat Backers and the Aledo Education Foundation.

During the 2022-2023 school year, nearly 475 nominations were made encompassing each campus and department and hundreds of employees. Here's what nominators had to say about the 2022-2023 overall winners:

Callie Caldwell,Professional category winner: "Mrs. Caldwell is very informative, provides support and recognition to my daughter. She truly cares about her students and their ability to perform their best. She provides a platform where students feel safe and comfortable. One of the best teachers thus far. Thank you!!!" and "Callie is not only a fabulous 4th grade teacher, but a truly amazing co-worker, friend and colleague. Everyday Callie challenges herself to meet the needs of her students. She works hard to not only teach them math but teach kids they are actually GOOD at math-which may be more difficult."

Linda Hudson, Paraprofessional category winner: "My young son needed assistance after an accident and Linda Hudson drove over to the 9th grade campus where I was working to tell me with tears in her eyes and drove me to the technology building, helped us, then drove us home. She is a special lady always helping other Bearcats, whether it is technology related or helping beyond her job description. She deserves a Growing Greatness award and to be recognized!" and "I requested a new badge, and she had it ready for me the very next day. She even offered to drop it by my school! When I went to go get the badge, she was so kind, and asked me if I was ready for the year to start. She was also so kind to my daughter who was with me. Linda Hudson is definitely growing greatness!"

Kema Hinson, Auxiliary category winner: "Mrs. Kema is truly a gifted educator and has made such a profound impact on our son. Being our first ever pre-school experience, every day at drop off was challenging. Now, our son comes home sharing all he has learned and is eager to go back the next day. When anything exciting happens at home the first person he wants to tell is "Mrs. Kema." We are so grateful for her dedication and hard work. She is kind, compassionate and goes above and beyond every day to make our son feel comfortable and empowered to learn. We are consistently impressed by her dedication and ability to connect with her students. We love Mrs. Kema!"

Nissa Flores, Substitute/Campus Guest Teacher category: "Nissa is an exceptional teacher who has shown unwavering dedication and genuine care for her students' academic and personal growth. She started the year as a co-teacher and was later asked to take on the role of the teacher of record for statistics and on-ramps college algebra. Despite the challenges of teaching new material, Nissa's efforts to learn and teach it with innovative pedagogy are truly commendable. She consistently seeks ways to enhance her teaching approach, making lessons more relevant and enjoyable for her students. Nissa's commitment to her students goes beyond her time in the classroom. For example, she took the time to create personalized miniature stockings for each of them for Christmas. Additionally, she is an active participant in the school's extracurricular activities and attends as many sporting events as possible. She also serves as a UIL mathematics coach, helping Aledo students achieve success. Her dedication to her job and her students is immeasurable, and she is a true asset to the Aledo teaching community. I wholeheartedly recommend Nissa Flores, her passion for teaching and students make her a shining example of Growing Greatness."

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2023-2024 school year! Click here to complete the nomination form!