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Superintendent Student Advisory Council sees impact on student life

October 28, 2021


Superintendent Student Advisory Council members all agree that they appreciate their role as advisors to AISD administration and Trustees, and that they love seeing their ideas put into action. And, well, they love the free lunch that comes with it all at monthly meetings.


Aledo ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Bohn has continued for the fourth-straight year the SSAC, a group of 17 eighth- through 12th-grade student leaders who gather for monthly lunch meetings to talk about the learning environment and student life as well as what’s going well and what changes could be made in the district. 


“I believe the purpose of SSAC is to get student input on districtwide topics,” said senior Georgia P. “Student perspective helps the district make the learning environment the best it can be. I have seen my opinions and input directly impact areas of the school.”


Muaaz C., a freshman at Daniel Ninth Grade Campus, said his favorite part about SSAC - aside from the food, of course - is that, “when we talk to Dr. Bohn, she listens to us.”


“The purpose of SSAC is to allow Dr. Bohn to see, from our point of view, what should change in school and what should stay the same” he said.


Students in the SSAC pointed out that, from their feedback, they have seen changes in the grading policy and other classroom initiatives, and how the learning management system Canvas was used last year and into this school year.


“Not only do we discuss how to make our school a better place, but we also discuss how to put our ideas into action,” said sophomore Brylee B. “My role as a member of SSAC is to make our community a better place and also to assist in the improvement of our school and environment by providing suggestions on how to make our school a better place.”


Bohn sees this student input as an integral part of decision making by the district and Board of Trustees.


“I formed the SSAC as a way to get student feedback and input on decisions we make as a district, and - I shouldn’t be surprised - each month they blow me away with their thoughtfulness and honesty,” Bohn said. “They are solutions-oriented and really do care about making their schools the best they can be. I hope they know the impact they have and how much we appreciate the work they do.”


SSAC members are nominated by principals to join during their eighth grade year. As long as the students are still enrolled in the Aledo ISD, they continue with the SSAC as they get older. This year’s seniors were a part of the first-ever SSAC group.