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Aledo ISD Honors 2019-2020 Circle of Greatness Overall Winners

Circle of Greatness August 24, 2020

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Circle of Greatness overall winners Deanne Torres, McAnally Intermediate teacher, Karen Kirkland, child nutrition supervisor, and Nicole Comet, bus driver!

These overall winners were chosen from our finalists who were recognized throughout the year for bringing Aledo ISD Growing Greatness to life, positively impacting our community and helping us grow each and every Aledo ISD student.

Any Aledo ISD employee can be nominated at any time for a Circle of Greatness Award (click here to nominate for 2020-2021). Each month, every employee who has been nominated receives a recognition award. During three regular board meetings each year, the Board of Trustees recognizes a top nominee in each category, professional, paraprofessional and auxiliary. Torres, Kirkland and Comet were chosen from among the 2019-2020 quarterly winners as an elite recipient, or overall winner.

Other 2019-2020 finalists include: David Taylor, foreman in maintenance; Ryon Smith general maintenance; Lucas Nieto, bus driver; Dannette Tennyson, Pre-K Aide at Coder Elementary; Amy Slape, Aledo ISD Administration building receptionist; Liz Garcia, third-grade teacher at McCall Elementary; and Gayla Fernandez, science teacher at the Aledo Learning Center.

Thank you to Sirius Computer Solutions for donating three iPad Pros to our overall Circle of Greatness Winners for 2019-2020.

Nicole Comet Nicole Comet, Auxiliary winner
Comet has been an employee with the Aledo ISD since 2018. Here’s what one of Comet’s nominators had to say:

“Ms. Comet drives bus No. 10 and is the nicest, most upbeat person I know. She always has a smile on her face, waves at us when she drives by, and is so calm and sweet to the students. She genuinely enjoys driving the bus for our district and has the most infectious laugh! She gets up earlier than most of us and still demonstrates an attitude of greatness!”

Karen Kirkland Karen Kirkland, Paraprofessional winner
Kirkland has been an employee with the Aledo ISD since 2019. Here’s what one of Kirkland’s nominators had to say:

“Driven, helpful, positive. She truly goes above and beyond. She is the backbone for the child nutrition department, especially now with COVID-19. She is such a leader and makes it all work there at McCall. She is awesome.”

Deanne Torres Deanne Torres, Professional winner
Torres has been an employee with the Aledo ISD since 2014. Here’s what one of Torres’ nominators had to say:

“She has taken a brand new team of math teachers, co- teaching model and mentoring a new teacher in stride. She continues to have a smile on her face with both students and staff as she shares her passion for education. She goes out of her way to make everyone feel valued and a part of the team. She is open to our ideas and experiences and isn’t stuck in “that’s how we have always done it.” I love that she looks for ways for all of us to grow in our leadership and professional development by encouraging us to take on different tasks within the building and district.”