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Internet Service, District Applications Back Up and Running

Update 7:20 a.m., August 21, 2020:
The fiber that was cut by a construction crew at FM 1187 and I-20 Thursday evening has been repaired. District internet service and applications are back up and running.

8:25 p.m., August 20, 2020

Internet service is currently down throughout the district due to a fiber cut by a construction crew at FM 1187 and I-20 affecting the ability to log in to most district applications including Canvas, Seesaw, WebEx and Launchpad. A repair crew has been dispatched and repairs will be made as soon as possible. These district applications will be down until the fiber has been repaired.

There is no expectation that students must complete work tonight and no student will be penalized for not completing today’s assignments because of this issue. Students will have time tomorrow to complete any work they didn’t complete today.

Thank you for a great start to the school year!