Aledo Independent School District


School Name

Aledo Middle School

Grade Level


Week of

4/13/20 *All assigned work due by Sunday at 11:59 PM


Week at a Glance

*This week’s lesson addresses the following learning standards:

7.8.C        analyze how playwrights develop characters through dialogue and staging;

7.5.I        monitor comprehension and make adjustments such as re-reading, using background knowledge, asking questions, and annotating when understanding breaks down.

Lesson Frame:

We will analyze how playwrights develop plot and characters through dialogue and staging and build a well of background knowledge in preparation for our upcoming drama unit.

I will study elements and terms of drama and teleplay and research various elements of the 1950s and other related content in preparation for reading the teleplay “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”

So that I can learn to proactively deepen my understanding of world/social views and issues before I engage content and form my own opinion.

Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

Resources Needed:

  • Watch the walk-through video
  • This week’s suggested checklist
  • Resources can be found in individual teacher’s Google Classroom

Non-Digital Resources (students who are receiving hard copy):

Lesson Delivery (What do we want you to learn?):

  • Elements of Drama and Teleplays such as stage direction, plot devices, acts/scenes, characterization, and dialogue through Google Slides presentation in Google Classroom
  • Background Knowledge of the 1950s aspects of living, sunspots and meteors, the Red Scare, vocabulary, and other elements that will aid in our understanding of the teleplay “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” * through MDMS Background Research choice board in Google Classroom (found on MDMS Overview)

Engage and Practice (What do we want you to do?):

First, visit the MDMS Overview → this is going to be a hub for our teleplay learning, don’t work ahead of the week, but we wanted information to be available to you at all points in this unit.

Elements of Drama 

  1. From the MDMS Overview, go to Google Slides
  1. Study each of these slides, feel free to ask us questions
  2. In your journal, take notes of definition and thinking maps (does not need to be word for word)
  1. From the MDMS Overview, go to Drama and Teleplay Terms
  1. Study these terms through quizlet
  2. If there are any that you are unfamiliar with, add them to your journal notes from the Google Slides
  1. From the MDMS Overview, go to Drama and Teleplay Quizizz
  1. Review your notes and practice the terms through the quizizz.
  2. Knowing these terms will help you understand what is going on in the play and will allow you to better answer questions about the play.

Background Research for Monsters are Due on Maple Streets (MDMS)

  1. From the MDMS Overview, go to Background Information Choice Board
  1. Follow the links on the choice board by clicking on the pictures.
  2. Research these various aspects and elements that are related to the teleplay that we will read next week.
  1. This will help build a base for you to understand the play with.
  2. You can choose what order you would like to do this in.
  1. Pre-AP see below
  1. From the MDMS Background Research, go to Background Google Slides (GRADE)
  1. After you research/study each of the boxes in the choice board, create a google slides presentation on each of the areas you researched.
  2. You can do this after each box or at the end. You will make 5 slides from information found on this choice board. View the instruction slide for further details.
  1. Life in the 1950s (required all)
  2. Sunspots and Solar Flares… (required all)
  3. UFOs (required all)
  4. Depending on if you are Pre-AP or On-Level:
  • Pre-AP → Cause and Effect of Mass Hysteria
  • On-level → Box of choice (mass hysteria recommended)
  1. Box of choice (all)
  1. *To clarify, all students do 5 boxes, three of them are predetermined (1950s, Sunspots, UFOs). Differentiation:
  1. On-level:
  • For the 4th and 5th box→ on-level can choose what they do
  • (mass hysteria is recommended for one)
  1. Pre-AP:
  • For the 4th box → Pre-Ap must do the Mass Hysteria box
  • For  the 5th box → Pre-AP may choose what they want to do
  1. This is a grade.

Create and Submit (What do we want you to turn in?):

Background Google Slides (GRADE)

Attach to assignment turn-in on Google Classroom

(to avoid the document getting lost in the shared drive, do not share it with the teacher. Turn it in on the assignment)

Optional Extension Opportunity (What do we want you to do if you want to extend your learning?):

  • Continue working on Lexia minutes
  • Do more of the MDMS Background Research boxes to better prepare yourself for next week’s play
  • Dive deeper into one of the MDMS Background Research boxes
  • Create a video or journal entry after researching the causes and effects of mass hysteria about how it connects to some responses to coronavirus