Aledo Independent School District


School Name

Aledo Middle School

Grade Level


Week of

4/27/20 *All assigned work due by Sunday, 5/3 at 11:59 PM


Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

Resources Needed:

  • Watch the walk-through video for this week
  • This week’s checklist to help organize your work
  • All additional resources can be found on your teacher’s Google Classroom under “Classwork”
  • MDMS Mini-Project Slides (attached as the assignment, a copy has already been made for you)

Lesson Delivery (What do we want you to learn?):

  • Watch the Twilight Zone’s episode of “Monsters are Due on Maple Street” to experience teleplay as it was meant to be (performed) and explore how the directors and actors interpreted and portrayed the characters, conflicts, and reactions.
  • Research Themes found within “Monsters are Due on Maple Street” in order to explore and synthesize the role of these major themes that reflect our humanity and flaws within the play, history, current day, and ourselves. Found through the “MDMS Overview” on Google Classroom.

Engage and Practice (What do we want you to do?):

Watch the Twilight Zone’s episode of “Monsters are Due on Maple Street” 

  1. Watch MDMS
  • Through the MDMS Overview (found on Google Classroom), you will find a link to youtube of the 2014 interpretation of the teleplay. Watch it and:
  1. Think about how they visually portrayed the characters, conflicts, and reactions in this teleplay.
  2. What themes were noticeable?
  3. How did the stage direction add to the tone and theme?
  • Note: the original teleplay is available on Hulu and Netflix under “Twilight Zone”. If you have access to this, we recommend either watching this version (while this is the preferred one if you have access to it, do not stress if you don’t, the above link works just as well).

Research Themes found within “Monsters are Due on Maple Street”

  1. MDMS Mini-Research Project - Slides (GRADE)
  • After you watch the teleplay, open the google slides assignment attached to the assignment on Google Classroom.
  • Make sure to type your name in the highlighted section.
  • Read through the directions on slide 2 and 3 carefully
  1. Listen to any and all audio clips to help read through and clarify slides.
  2. Watch any videos you are prompted to watch.
  3. It will direct you to go to a second instructions slide based on which theme you chose.
  • This is a grade.


  • On-Level: Choose your theme from any of the three provided themes
  • Pre-AP: You have two options:
  1. Select the Prejudice in History theme option
  2. You may come up with a theme found within the teleplay that you would like to research and have it approved by your teacher by Wednesday.
  1. When submitting the theme for approval, include three major questions you will answer: one must reference the play, one must reference history, and one must reference you/individuals/society. Your teacher may help you tweak these to guide your research.

Create and Submit (What do we want you to turn in?):

 Mini-Research Project - Google Slides  (GRADE)

Turn in on Google Classroom. For help on how to attach and submit your assignment, watch this how-to video. *Pre-AP see differentiation above.

Extension Opportunity (What do we want you to do if you want to extend your learning?):

  • Continue working on Lexia minutes

  • Explore and research more than one of the themes!