Aledo Independent School District


School Name

Aledo Middle School

Grade Level


Week of

4/27/20 *All assigned work due by Sunday, 5/3 at 11:59 PM


Estimated Time to Complete: 2 hours

Resources Needed:

  • Watch the walk-through video for this week
  • This week’s checklist to help organize your work
  • All additional resources can be found on your teacher’s Google Classroom under “Classwork”
  • MDMS Overview
  • MDMS Reading Responses (attached as the assignment, a copy has already been made for you)

Non-Digital Resource (for students receiving a printed copy):

Lesson Delivery (What do we want you to learn?):

  • Reading “Monsters are Due on Maple Street” to understand the role of mass hysteria and mob psychology as a human tendency and flaw found on the “MDMS Overview” in Google Classroom.
  • Respond to your reading with critical thinking questions and support your answers with textual evidence from the teleplay in the “MDMS Reading Response” slides attached to the assignment in Google Classroom.

Engage and Practice (What do we want you to do?):

First, visit the MDMS Overview → this is going to be a hub for our teleplay learning, don’t work ahead of the week, but we wanted information to be available to you at all points in this unit.

Read “Monsters are Due on Maple Street”

  1. Read MDMS
  • Through the MDMS Overview, you will find a pdf of this teleplay, open it and read it. It is ok if you need to break this up over several days.
  • We highly recommend that you listen to the audiobook as you read since this is meant to be performed.
  1. This doesn’t mean don’t read it, but let it play as you follow along and make notes.

Reading Responses

  1. Google Slides Reading Responses (GRADE)
  • After you read the teleplay, open the google slides assignment attached to the assignment on Google Classroom.
  • Make sure to type your name in the highlighted section.
  • Read through the directions on slide 3 and answer each questions with direct textual evidence in the text boxes labeled “Your answer:”
  1. These should be at least 3-5 complete sentences. More is welcome.
  • This is a grade. (25 points per slide, points subtracted for lack of clarity and text evidence)
  • Differentiation:
  1. On-Level: answer the four questions with text evidence
  2. Pre-AP: Answer the four questions with text evidence; on the final question (what is the message of the play?), discuss the message of the play and then connect it to what is happening in our world right now with coronavirus (this will extend this response to 5-7 sentences).

Create and Submit (What do we want you to turn in?):

 Google Slides Reading Responses (GRADE)

Turn in on Google Classroom. For help on how to attach and submit your assignment, watch this how-to video. *Pre-AP see differentiation above.

Extension Opportunity (What do we want you to do if you want to extend your learning?):

  • Continue working on Lexia minutes

  • Brushstrokes: After you remind yourself of parts of a sentence, engage in the optional brushstrokes extension activity about the teleplay on the last slide of the MDMS Reading Response.