AISD Elementary Art + Music

  • aisd elementary art and music

AISD Elementary Art Information

  • Elementary art students will develop and enhance their awareness and understanding of art history, appreciation, vocabulary, techniques, and mediums.  Students will develop  fine motor skills, language skills, decision-making skills while building their confidence as artists and critical thinkers. The knowledge and skills every student will gain through these courses of study will lay the foundation for a deeper study of art on the secondary level.

AISD Elementary Music Information

  • Elementary music students learn about the foundation and joy of music through a sequential curriculum.  Students learn to sing, play instruments, move to music from various cultures, reproduce rhythmic and melodic patterns, and use correct vocabulary and terminology. Student performances are an appropriate outcome of this training. 

    Honor Choir

    Elementary Honor Choir is a select music ensemble composed of 4th and 5th grade singers from across the district. Students rehearse at their home campus and then will have a clinic to put together the music as a choir.