AISD Dance Programs

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AISD Dance Information

  • Dance classes provide students with basic dance skills in ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, modern, improvisation, and jazz. Students will develop kinesthetic awareness and appreciation for the development of dance through the study of dance history. The various courses allow for the varying abilities of all students, so each can develop his/her skills at an appropriate pace, which will lead the student to develop self- confidence and an ongoing appreciation for dance as an art form.  

Aledo High School Dance Courses

  • Dance I

  • Dance II

  • Dance III

  • Dance IV

AISD Middle School Dance Courses

  • Beginner Dance

  • Intermediate/Advanced Dance

Dance Team

  • Students who wish to audition for the Bearcat Dance Teams have opportunities to perform at football games, pep rallies, community events and competitions around the state. The Varsity Bearcats Dance Team at AHS is the feature performance group at Bearcat football halftimes and competes in the spring with pom, jazz, contemporary and hip hop routines. The Junior Varsity Bearcats Dance Team at AHS provides students an additional dance performance opportunity within the high school curriculum and, together with the colorguard, will provide the visual elegance for the band during their show. The JV Dance Team also competes in the spring with pom, jazz and contemporary routines. The middle school Bearcats Dance Teams provide halftime entertainment at AMS/MMS football games and compete routines of various genres in the spring. All dance teams and classes take part in the AISD Fall and Spring Dance Shows. There will be leadership roles available within each team, for which the respective coach will set the criteria and duties.