• How was the bond package constructed?

  • What is a bond package?

  • What is included in the 2023 bond package?

  • When will the election be held?

  • Will this bond election impact taxpayers 65 old and older?


  • What is the Aledo Growth Committee?

  • Who is on the AGC?

  • What is the charge of the AGC by the School Board?

  • Who leads the AGC meetings?

  • When does the AGC meet?

  • What is discussed at the AGC meetings?

  • Where can I find information from the AGC meetings?

Bond 2023 FAQs - FINANCE

  • Has the Aledo ISD tax rate decreased this year?

  • Does the district receive state funding for the construction of schools?

  • What are the two components of the tax rate?

  • If the District takes on more debt on the Interest & Sinking side of the budget, does that mean less money goes to teachers and classrooms?

  • What types of revenue does the District receive in the General Fund?

  • Why does the District have to take on debt for construction?

  • What has the District done to pay off debt?

  • What are the district’s bond ratings?

  • Are there specific funds set aside or budgeted for district police, security, and emergency response planning? 

  • If there is a future economic downturn, will AISD be able to pay off debt associated with this bond?

  • What does bond capacity mean?

  • What is recapture? Is the district’s Interest & Sinking tax rate subject to recapture (Robin Hood)?

  • What’s the relationship between local revenues and state revenues?


  • Where would parents/buses access Elementary No. 7 if the 2023 bond election passes?

  • What is the plan for the naming of the new Elementary No. 7?

  • How does the district determine the cost of the Elementary School #7 and Aledo High School Multi-Purpose Addition construction?

  • What is the life cycle of the new school in this bond proposal?

  • What size land does the district need for a school?

  • What is the district doing to find land for new schools?


  • What has the district done/is the district doing to help with improving Old Weatherford Road?

  • If the 2023 bond doesn’t pass, how many portable buildings is the district expected to purchase for elementary school students?  

  • Where will the seventh elementary school be located?

  • What will be the new attendance zones if a new elementary school opens?

  • When will the new elementary attendance zones be determined?

  • What is the district doing to find land for new schools?