2022 Advanced Academics Summer Study

2022 Advanced Academics Summer Study

  • In preparation for your upcoming Reading Language Arts (RLA) class this fall, your teachers have curated specific books and learning tasks to prepare you for their coursework.

    The links below offer access to the Advanced RLA Summer Studies for each course. Every assignment includes a book list and a detailed assignment, designed to enhance your learning this fall. 

    All advanced RLA students are required to choose and read at least one of the books, and the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED assignment will directly support the work completed in Unit One of your courses.

  • Aledo ISD Advanced ELAR courses are focused on the College Board’s Areas of Focus for English classes: reading closely, valuing evidence, and noticing language choices. Our Pre-AP and AP Summer Studies were designed with these focal points in mind. All students enrolled in advanced ELAR courses are required to choose at least ONE text from a list of titles curated for their literary value and the author’s purpose and craft are evident in the text. Each course’s summer study also contains a highly recommended accompanying task designed to support the reader’s practice of the College Board’s Areas of Focus. Students will be asked to use their resulting deep understanding of texts read over the summer in classroom discussion and compositions during the first unit of instruction and throughout the 2022 -23 school year.

    -Staci Hammer, RLA Curriculum Coordinator, Aledo ISD