• Transcript Requests


    To request a transcript, please follow the steps below. Universities require that they receive transcripts from a secure online resource. Aledo ISD uses a program called Major Clarity.

    1. Go to the Launch Pad and then click on your "Major Clarity" Application
    2. Click on "Application Center" located on the left bar under your Profile Name
    3. Scroll down to "Transcript Request", then click on the "Request Transcript"
    4. Type in the name of the college or university, then click "Send Request"

    Click here for a tutorial video for further assistance. 


    To request a transcript, please follow the steps below or scan the QR Code Below

    1. Email Heather Cortez at hcortez@aledoisd.org
    2. List the following information:
      • Legal name at time of attendance
      • Year of graduation or last year of attendance
      • Official or Unofficial (Official transcripts cannot be emailed to students; they are either picked up by the student, emailed or mailed.)
      • Where the transcript needs to be sent to...email address, school address and what department, or other)

    Transcript Requests