•  1. General Expectations       

       A.School policy will be enforced at all times.

    1. No food or drink (other than water) is allowed in the classroom.
    2. Dress code will be enforced.


     2. Classroom Expectations – THE BIG 3


    - EXPECT to be CHALLENGED, it will not all be easy.

    .-Anything LESS than your BEST effort – is UNACCEPTABLE.


    - Students will actively participate in the learning experience.

    - Students will check attitude and drama at the door.

                                     HARD WORK

    - Cheating or allowing other students to copy work will result in a loss of credit for the   assignment, a call to parents, and a referral to the appropriate assistant principal.

    - Students will stay current on all assignments. (Late work policy applies)

    -Students will be in their seat and prepared to start the class when the bell rings.