• Required on-line trainings for all staff

    In an effort to make sure that we are providing you all of the information and tools that you need, we have made the decision to put together a suite of annual, on-line trainings about things that you really need to know, such as how to report abuse or neglect of a child, what FERPA really prohibits/allows, and emergency protocols. Some of these trainings are required by law. All of them will guide you in your work. We will all engage in these trainings in lieu of district-wide face-to-face training for all employees. They cannot be used toward Flex Days.   

    Directions to locate the trainings - 
    First of all -   DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER.   IE is not compatible with the Compliance Trainings application.  Chrome or Firefox is best.

    The Service Center's website has changed, so now you will click on this link to get started on the Region 11 website to get started.   Please follow the instructions on this page. 
    When registering, use your Aledo ISD email address (please use 'aledoisd.org').  It will prompt you to create a password.
    If you are unable to login or have technical issues, please contact Region 11 at 817-740-3611 and ask for the eLearning Helpdesk; you will prompted to leave a message. 
    You can also direct email them at elearning.help@esc11.net.

    Once you've logged in, you will be directed to 'Register', thereby giving you access to Compliance Training videos.  Please be aware that Region XI offers more trainings than required by Aledo ISD.
    See the list below for the specific trainings you need to complete.

    These trainings are:

    1. Anaphylaxis and Auto-Injectors
    2. Bloodborne Pathogens
    3. Bullying Prevention
    4. Child Abuse & Maltreatment
    5. Sexual Harrassment
    6. Teen Dating Violence & Abuse
    7. Texas Educator's Code of Ethics
    8. Multi-Hazard and Standard Response Protocol - eCourse  (Please register in Eduphoria/Strive, then follow the directions to the video link and the request for credit following completion).
        Instructions on how to take an eCourse.

    ALSO - INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF must complete additionally: (to include Administrators, Teachers, Coaches, Trainers, PE Personnel, Librarians, Nurses, Counselors, Principal Secretary, PEIMS, Receptionist, Instructional                  Paraprofessionals, Diagnosticians, Speech Therapist, Visiting Teacher, and Police.

    9. FERPA: Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act
    10. Section 504

    These required trainings must be completed before November 1, 2019;  deadline has been extended until November 14, 2019.

    • For our staff who clock their time in Time and Attendance, this training will need to be done when you are on the clock, so you may complete the training only while you are on the clock during work hours. Your supervisor will guide you on the best times to complete these trainings during work hours.
    • For staff members who do not utilize Time and Attendance to track work hours, you can complete these trainings any time before November 1, 2019. You may complete these trainings outside of your traditional weekly work hours. Your supervisor will guide you on the best times to complete these trainings during work hours.
    • Please note that employees in certain positions will also receive required trainings from their supervisors or other designated trainers.


    We recognize that this is a change from Aledo ISD’s previous practice. Thank you for helping us engage in a more robust and efficient way for all of us to complete this necessary training.
    Please contact HR if you have any issues or questions.