GPA/Class Rank Proposed Revisions

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    Aledo ISD is considering changes to the policy which describes how we calculate Grade Point Average (GPA) and determine class rank.

    The District has a committee of administrators and teachers who have created recommended proposals for revisions to this policy. The changes being proposed would phase-in with the Class of 2025 (current 6th graders). The information on this page details the proposed changes as well as some of the elements of research utilized by the committee.

    On March 21 the District hosted a Parent Informational Meeting to share and discuss the proposed changes. A recording of that meeting is included on this page. Also, a shorter video with the slides from the Parent Informational Meeting and a voiceover with added information is included as well.

    Should you have any questions about the information on this page, please direct to Scott Kessel, Aledo ISD Executive Director of Student Services at

Parent Survey

  • Click the link below to take a survey and provide your feedback on the proposed changes to GPA / class rank policy. We encourage you to review the information on this page prior taking the survey to assure you are fully informed of the proposed changes and the reasons for them.

    Survey Link

GPA/Class Rank Presentation

GPA/Class Rank Informational Meeting