• Dear Parent/Student:

     I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Glenna Loftin and I am the Transition Specialist for Aledo ISD.  Transtion planning is a process and opportunity to do some long term planning with respect to post-secondary goals.  By working together as a team we can identify future goals for your child and ways to support him/her in reaching these goals.  Each year we will want to look at the goals that have been set and what steps need to be taken  to achieve those goals.  I will  be meeting with your child prior to his/her ARD to assist in identifying individual interests and skills in order to begin developing or updating their transition plan.  We will collect interests and skills in order to begin developing or updating their transition plan. 

     You have participated in the Individual Educational Planning (IEP) meeting for your son/daughter.  The Individual Transition Plan is addressed as part of the IEP and includes input from the student, parents and the educational staff.  Transition planning is required for all students who receive special education services by age fourteen.

     Transition planning is a partnership involving students, families and schools.  Our goal is to insure a "smooth transition" from school to sucessful adult life.  Because young people with disaiblities have different levels of impairments and capabilities, transition planning needs to be flexible to meet a variety of needs.  Transition planning begins early, with the expectation that students have opportunities and experiences during their school years to prepare them for post-school environments as well as time to redesign strategies along the way.

     It is important that you, as a parent, and your student, play a major role in this process because it is about his/her future and no one knows your child better than you do.  

     If you have any questions about the transition process please feel free to contact me at 817 441-4504 x 1439 or email me at gloftin@aledoisd.org.

     I look forward to meeting with you and your student.


     Glenna Loftin