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    What is In-Home and Community Based Training?

    In‐home training is a related service used to promote the transfer of learned skills and behaviors from the school environment to the home and/or community. Service provided in the student’s home or environments that serve as an extension of the home or in community settings. The goal of training is to aid  parents/family/caregivers, to become “trained” in  providing specific positive interventions for their child with special needs by participation in an array of activities. 

    • Promote the generalization of skills to home setting

    • Target skills and behaviors mastered in the educational setting

    • In‐home trainer initially responsible for implementation of generalization activities

    • Parent assumes responsibility for maintenance

    • May be used to teach priority skills and behaviors that would be difficult or less appropriate

    What is Parent Training?

    Training in specific skills individualized to meet the needs of the family, based on evaluation and delivered in appropriate environments by personnel with experience in working with students with ASD and other disablities. This transfer of skills to the family supports the continued generalization of skills from the school  environment once IHT training has been completed.

    • Train parents as trainers

    • Parents acquire teaching and management skills to assist their child in the development and mastery of specific skills and behaviors

    • Can be provided in group and individual training formats

    Adapted from Region 11