Charging Policy

  • If a student has no lunch and a zero balance in their lunch account, the cafeteria will provide them with a nutritious school meal. However, if the student's account reaches the charge limit of -$15.00, the student can be provided with an emergency Snack Meal (students should see Cafeteria Manager). Students with a negative balance will not be allowed to purchase snacks or extras until their balance is current.

    Negative balances will be communicated to parents via Parent Link email and/or letter. Low and negative balances are communicated to students when possible but the students/parents are responsible for monitoring the cafeteria account balances. Parents can also view account balances and set up balance notifications through MySchoolBucks. If your family is experiencing a financial setback, please contact us so we can help. We can also assist you in applying for free/reduced price meal benefits. Cafeteria account balances must be paid in full by year end.